Social dance. Ballroom dance.


Possibly, the decision to dance is the decision that you will be grateful for during the whole of your life. With an expert approach dances can make irreplaceable influence on your personality as well as shaping of your body.

There is no age for dancing! Meet new interesting people and make new friends! The process of teaching will be clear and pleasant for you due to special methods applied during teaching. Dance lessons will become your LIFE STYLE!

Private or Group Lessons are available and scheduled at your convenience. Choose from a variety of Ballroom/Latin/Country dances.

Learning to dance is useful for social events and weddings, so you quit watching others have fun and get out on the dance floor. Many couples use it for their date night as a way to relax and have fun.

Lesson packages are available. You pick the schedule that is more convenient for you.

Pro/Am competitions dancesport

Students who have a goal to compete should consider to do Pro/Am (Professional/Amateur). If one of your goals to experience the competitive environment, the thrilling feeling before entering the REAL dancing floor and in all luxurious atmosphere of a Ballroom Dance World then Dancesport is definitely the right choice for you. And best of all if your partner is a Professional Ballroom Dancer. For this reason there is a category called Pro/Am where your instructor is dancing with you (Professional with Amateur/instructor with student).

Here is an example of teacher/student dancing together. Uliana with her student Antonio. 



Dancing at the very first steps in a couple with an experienced dancer who is already well oriented in a space and who easily can coordinate his/her movements and actions with music – you are getting unforgettable experience. Dancing with a Professional Ballroom Dancer you learn quicker and more effectively. An intensive several years’ experience, as a rule more than 10 years, is passed to you from a partner. The learning goes more effectively than if you would practice by yourself or with a partner of your level and that means that you can achieve the desired result much faster.

The good example of Pro/Am dancing is a TV project “Dancing With The Stars” where Pro/Am’s effective work is illustrated as where as a rule all “Stars” for a short period of time not only are lighting with their artistry but also are showing excellent technical achievements.

There are several reasons make people dance Pro/Am all over the world:

Personal interaction search

There are a lot of entertaining programs where you can not only dance but also simply spend the evening in a company with people with same interests.

The dream of the scene

Child’s dream to become a singer, actor/actress, a ballet dancer or a model has finally come true. And now in light of soffits, applauses of the audience you can feel yourself if not a Hollywood star as at least as the hero from “Shall we dance” movie.

Faster, higher, stronger

If you are a sportsman in a past. And let’s say it is not the right time to make records but for a genuine sport nature there is always a way out. For example, there is always a chance to go and take part in Ballroom Dance competitions.

There are many other reasons besides mentioned above certainly whether they are:

  • Love travelling (Pro/Am competitions are all over the world nowadays)
  • Seeking the chance to brighten every days’ routine as dances is a holiday that is always with you.

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